At 1 Key Solution, we believe in using our resources to work for building a better and safer community for those around us. From women’s empowerment to mental health awareness, food distribution, peacebuilding, and much more, we aim to use our influence to work towards helping and giving back to the community through social campaigns, volunteering efforts and charities.

Coffee with Home Bosses

With the vision to work towards women’s empowerment, Coffee with Home Bosses aims to provide a platform for women to come forward, learn essential skills and convert their ideas into business ventures. As part of this initiative, 1 Key Solution regularly holds interactive sessions, networking events and workshops on subjects such as mental health awareness, women’s rights, image and confidence building, etc.

We are Stronger Together

As COVID-19 shook the world spreading fear, panic and distress, 1 Key Solution made a decision to step up and take action for the local community. As a socially responsible marketing agency, we took it upon ourselves to remind our community that we are stronger together. From health experts, to local counsellors, business professionals and influencers, we reached out and built a community of experts, providing a platform to communicate, raise awareness and reduce panic to help all those in need. As part of this initiative, we produced informational content in various languages and reached out to different layers of the community to share valuable information regarding mental health support, coronavirus safety and prevention, financial advice, and much more.