Your brand is the perception of your company in the eyes of the world. At 1 Key Solution, our team of expert designers works in close coordination with clients to develop a brand identity that stands out from competitors and helps businesses create a focused niche to build meaningful connections with the target audience.

Logo Design

Using the perfect combination of creativity and innovation, our team of professional designers provides logo design services that settle well with your brand theory, business ideology and enhance the purpose of branding. With customer satisfaction being our top priority, we work till our clients are completely satisfied with our output.


A booklet is like a blank canvas that allows you to persuade, connect and communicate with your customers. Tell your brand story and connect with your audience through our custom booklet design service that helps you set your brand identity apart from your competitors. Our creative expertise, along with the use of top-quality printing material helps us create the most unique booklets for your business.

Business Cards

The right business cards can make a long-lasting impression and become the starting point for fruitful customer relations. Whether you represent a company or your own individual business, our expert designers can help you create business cards that perfectly fit your business image and make you stand out from the crowd.
Whether you prefer traditional styles or out-of-the-box ideas, we use the right set of colors, shape, size, and material to create business cards that you would love to call distinctively yours. Our extensive range of business cards includes thick folded, double-sided, popped up, custom die cuts, plastic, magnetic, horizontal, and vertical designs.

Flyers and Leaflets

Despite the growth of digital marketing strategies, traditional tools such as flyers and leaflets remain popular among businesses of all types and sizes. Using innovative designs and high-quality printing material, we create flyers and leaflets in A4, A5, and A6 sizes that are bound to catch the attention of your potential clients and help your business stand out among competitors.
After developing a thorough understanding of your brand’s identity, communication goals, and audience behaviour, we develop exclusive layouts, patterns, and shapes that enable your potential clients to connect with your brand instantly.
To match your business needs, we offer a wide variety of designs to choose from such as round cornering, creasing, folding, perforating, and drilling. Additionally, our design experts can also offer consultancy to help you create the perfect flyers and leaflets to market your business.

A4 Flyers

A6 Flyers

A5 Flyers



Posters have long remained an effective marketing tool for all types of businesses. Our creative experts find the right balance between innovative copy and attractive designs to create eye-catching posters that help you catch the attention of your target audience immediately. We specialize in a wide range of poster designs including window posters, sale posters, billboard posters, indoor posters, outdoor posters, backlit posters, and A-board posters.
To guarantee complete customer satisfaction, we use top-quality material, making sure that all posters are printed with solid toner pearls or pigment ink which is resistant to fading and smudging even after being exposed to sunlight for weeks. Additionally, we offer same-day printing, 24-hour printing, as well as 3-day printing for bulk orders.