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Our Studio: Aims to provide best services for best clients.

This section, in particular, describes our mission statement, guidance strategies, the culture of people associated with the company. To follow or know more about the company’s venue, please click on the link below. Details of our working hours, location, services and related aspects are mentioned in the link.

An extremely beneficial add on to the quicker accessibility has raised due to the prime location of UK – Central Leicester.

Our clientele is progressing on a daily basis on the level of comfortability between them and us. Once our clients know us, they have a fair idea for whom they are doing business. Therefore, more confidence and trust is developed between the parties.







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  • Imran Malik
    Have used them several times over the years for web design, event posters and banners and printing business cards. I have always found them very professional with excellent customer service. They deliver high quality of work with personal touch. I would always go to them with vague ideas which they have every time successfully translated into beautiful designs.
    Imran Malik
  • Ahmed Seedat
    We have used 1Key many times and would highly recommend their excellent graphic design capabilities. They are very efficient and provide high quality printing solutions. They have always delivered all our print and poster orders on time.
    Ahmed Seedat
  • Neelam Osman
    Excellent service. Always ensure customers are satisfied. We would recommend 1 Key Solution anytime. Really appreciate their help and support with our Website and Leaflets. Thank you 1 Key Solution
    Neelam Osman
    Bargain Wholesalers
  • Suleman Rahi
    We got our branding done for Fab Travel and Parcel Service from 1 Key Solution when we started 4 Years ago. Since day one we had excellent customer service and products from them. Recently did the flyers with 1 Key Solution that arrived yesterday with the same brilliant quality that you would expect from 1 Key Solution. We will highly recommend them.
    Suleman Rahi
    Fab Travel and Parcel Service
  • Iqbal Ismail
    Excellent service. Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied. We would thoroughly recommend 1key solution anytime.
    Iqbal Ismail
  • Bobby Sattar
    We started the Rockin Diner in 2015 with the help of 1 Key Solution. They created our logo and the whole brand from the interior to the exterior signage and the promotional materials. They have been amazing since day one. Really appreciate their help and support. Thank you 1 Key Solution
    Bobby Sattar
    Rockin Diner

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Usman Jadoon
Visionary Principal

With in-depth experience of developing design strategy and technology, Usman top hats are design analysis, elegant design and technology. Through his dedication and leadership, his team is building innovative design and content in a creative way. He believes that every creative work experience brings together a balance of business and technology. He is passionate about working with the customers to bring the best possible display of their products and business.

Usman Jadoon has been part of 1 Key Solution since day one of incorporation in 2008. He ensures that encouraging this innovative culture throughout our company means being the first to bring new features and products to our customers. He is charged with keeping the company pushing forward, from business development to ‘project evangelism’ to rolling up his sleeves for the hands-on work that goes along with day to day operations.

Usman is responsible for driving creative corporate designing’s vision, direction and expansion plans. He is delivering operational excellence. His extensive experience in this field is widely recognized and highly respected worldwide. He enjoys his cricket, movies, mountain climbing, tracking, gaming, learning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Nadia Gani
Chief Executive Star
Atta Ur Rahman Khan
Chief Executive Whisperer

Atta-ur-Rahman serves as the company’s COO overseeing the all operations of Pakistan Offices including production, supervision of whole team of designing, development and marketing. He has grown the business into a full-service marketing agency.

Atta-ur-Rahman has over 10 years of extensive “hands-on” experience in digital marketing, creative product design & development, technical sales and project leadership.

Atta-ur-Rahman has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge projects and innovative marketing strategies that accelerate the company growth in the market. He is responsible for the development of strategic planning and implementation of client marketing, designing and public relations with the clients. He understands the true importance of design usability and adherence to web standards.

Umair Mehfooz

Umair is a small package that packs a large punch. His experience with a variety of illustration styles, backed with strong knowledge of design and typography, allow him to craft engaging web designs with a unique aesthetic.

A great design and brilliant interactions is both key to keeping him always enthusiastic about the design. He tackles any design project with a keen eye, a steady hand and endless imagination. He works across the bespoke and priority teams by maintaining clear and open communication with the clients.

Umair is an intellectual designer-illustrator, who brings a depth of understanding and conceptual thinking, combined with a diverse richness of visual language, to his highly inventive and individualistic work. He obtained his Bsc in Computer Sciences, with a concentration in Graphic Design.

In free time he enjoys watching sports and movies. He also has a passion for cooking. He likes to go out with friends and enjoys sports events.

Abdull Wahab
The Thinker

In the fast moving industry, Abdul Wahab equips himself with the latest trends and techniques to expand on the impressive portfolio of projects. He has the expertise with a wide variety of illustration styles, backed with strong knowledge of design and typography; allow him to craft engaging web designs with a unique aesthetic.

As the junior graphic designer of 1 Key solution’s creative team, he uses unique skill set to push the creative capabilities to the next level and ensure that the visual output from 1 Key Solution exceeds all expectations.

In his free time he keeps himself pretty active. He likes to dine, track and road cycling.

Taimoor Ahmed
Noman Ali
Design Intern